Thursday, 28 October 2010

My Clever Girl

My love of cardmaking has definitely rubbed off onto my daughter. She loves to make cards and gifts for her friends and family as much as I do. This weekend one of the teachers in her year level is getting married so all the children in Year 2 had a special morning tea to celebrate. The children were able to bring some flowers and make a card at home if they wanted to….so of course….we wanted to. This is the card she made!

004 (3) 

She made the owls all by herself (well I did help a bit with the eyes…the bits are just sooooo little) and chose which colours she wanted to use. We added some shimmer to the bride’s dress and the hearts and some rhinestones and pearls to finish off the outfits.

007 (3)

And here she is with her creation! I am very proud of her!!



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Louise Sutton said...

What a clever girl indeed! A future Demo I think! Beautiful card. I'm sure the teacher loved it, well done!