Sunday, 28 June 2009

Changes to my Blog

I am sure that you have noticed some changes to my blog! I decided that my banner was looking a little tired and needed a make over. Now I am not that computer savvy and the last time I put a new banner on, my big sis helped me to do it. And I kind of watched her do but really I had no idea.  So I went in to Publisher and had a play. I kind of knew what I wanted it to look like, and after 20 minutes my new banner was done!

I have also wanted to change the layout of my blog. So I went to this site and it had very clear instructions on how to change my blog to 3 columns which I was able to follow. (Absolute miracle because I have never managed to change anything about my blog before.) So now I am going to work on adding a cool background to my blog. Keep watching!

And finally, the last change I have made is I am now using Windows Live Writer to post to my blog. It makes it sooo much more easy to do as I can now add photo collages (like in the last 2 posts); I can add smileys; Hot and a heap of other things that I haven’t even learnt how to do yet! LOL!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! I am on holidays for the next 2 weeks, so hopefully I will get lots of projects made and shared here.




Diane Barnes said...

Looks fab Chrissie! Great minds think alike - I laughed when I saw your post, as I was in the process of editing a new banner for my blog too. Was also working up the courage to try changing to the 3 column layout...Seeing your post gave me the confidence I needed to give it a go. Sending you huge hugs & thanks. Love. Di

Lynda S said...

Enjoy ur hols Chrissie and I LURVE the new look. V v savvy and chic. Look few to hearing fm u in 2 weeks.

Kim said...

It's GREAT Chrissie! Looks like a few things you can show me how to do!!!

Louise said...

Oh, like the "renos" Chrissy! Well done!
Hope you are enjoying the school holidays!