Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

I have become obsessed with making little gifts lately... and what better gift is there but chocolate. So after eating nearly my body weight in chocolate and surfing though a million blogs... I made 2 little thank you gifts.

This first one I made for the individual Dove chocolates. I measured the size of the chocolates and then made the box to fit. I put a little tag on the top and stapled it shut. I have made another one that I closed with a ribbon. Cute eh?!

As I was travelling up the chocolate isle in the supermarket.. I found these mini chocolate bars in a packet and they just screamed chocolate slider to me. So I brought then home and made mini sliders.

Both of these projects took no time at all to make and I can't wait to give them away!


Nardi said...

They look great Chrissie! Good choice on the chocolate too - I love dark chocolate! :o)

Karen said...

Chrissie - these look fabo!! ARe you surrrrrrrrrre your gonna give them away! roflol


Kim said...

LOL Twins again Chrissie! LOL I bought them too for decorating! But ate the lot! LOL Glad to see some of yours survived! LOL

Corinna said...

Hi Chrissie,

Found you on SCS re SAB sets & scrolled thru your blog to find last years (2007) on my way I came to "What Chrissie means" and I thought it was talking about Xmas LOL!

Anyway this particular post revealed I am not the only one who goes thru the lolly section of the supermarket thinking about the way it could be wrapped in paper & made all pretty! Love your ideas!