Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Card Swap

This is my second card swap at my upline Kim's forum. There was 5 of us in each swap. These are the four fabulous designs sent to me from Hannah, Susie, Nardi and Susan. I made them up last night when the kids were in bed. I love how different each card is and how a little of each of the ladies personalities are in their card. Thank you everyone.

This is the card that I sent as part of the swap. The only difference ti the colours used. Sadly I cannot remember what colours I changed it to... (sad that the mind is going in one so young LOL) but I will let you know.


Nerine .P. said...

Oh Chrissie,

Is that hedgehogs I see tumbling over balloons???

How absolutely adorable - I'm a huge fan of hedgehogs.

Also glad to see you enjoyed convention.


Chrissie said...

Yes Nerine it is hedgehogs tumbling over balloons. They are very cute indeed!