Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Long time no hear....

Ok... I know that I am a bad blogger!!
So much has happened since my last post.
I went to Mackay to attend Des's funeral. It was a lovely tribute to a fantastic man and I was pleased I was able to attend. My two sisters also came with me and we had a few days afterwards to catch up with old friends ad reminisce in the town that we grew up in. I really enjoyed the time away from my DH and kids as was the first time I had left my DS since he was born nearly two years ago. It was good to be just me and not Mummy.
I came home and had a few days to catch up on the household chores before we flew to Melbourne for 4 days. DH had a course to attend to so the kids and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium and the Victoria Markets. I had never been there befoe so it was agreat adventure to catch the trams and see the different fashions. We all went to the Melbourne Zoo. DS was very excited to see the animals and made noises everywhere we went. Our trip home was filled with a minor hitch when the airline sent our bag with the car seats in it to Adelaide instead of home. Luckily they had some spare seats and arranged for our bag to be returned the next morning.
Not satisfied at being home for a week while DH was on a week off, we packed up the van and went to visit friends in Hervey Bay and Childers for a night and then went camping at Rainbow Beach. The weather was beautiful and we took long walks on the beach and swims in the sea. On one occaision, small fish in the water came and nibbled on my toes. Very Cool!!!
So that's about it. We are back to our normal routine of going to kindy and playgroup .

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nelly said...

Sounds like you've had a busy couple of weeks. About time you stayed home and did some housework!!!!