Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Sad News

Last night I recieved sad news that a close family friend passed away. When my twin sister and I were born, we were very small and sickly children. We had an alergy to milk and it took about 9 months for doctors to discover this. Our next door neighbours, Des and Barb, and their 5 children, were great help to Mum when she was ready to "jump out of the window". As we grew up, Barb and Des became our adopted grandparents and after leaving Mackay to return to Brisbane, we kept in contact with our friends. Des had been sick for quite a while and finally lost his battle on Monday morning. I will remember Pa as a kind man who loved to fish, play darts and have a beer and a barbie with family and friends. The last time I saw them was to introduce my son James to them.

I am flying to Mackay on Thursday to attend his funeral and my DH will be staying home to look after the kids. As I cannot get a cheap flight home until Saturday afternoon, I will have a few days in Mackay with my two sisters.
Although I am going off for a sad reason, i am looking forward to having some quiet time away from my family- some thing I have not done since before my DS was born nearly 2 years ago.

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