Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Where Does the Time Go?

Where has the last week gone? Last week, James and I ended up with a tummy bug. Luckily, it was on different days. I spent the day running to and fro from the toilet and trying to sleep and look after the kids at the same time. Was very happy when my DH came home and could take over. James came down with it the next day. He also got the vomits with it. We spent as much time outside in the pergola as it was easier to clean up than the carpet. He did spend a lot of time sleeping in the hammock which seemed to help. Thankfully Hayley escaped it.

What else???? We went out shopping for a new fridge. My... there are so many to choose from these days and they all seem to be frightfully expensive.We got a great deal and were quite pleased with ourselves until we discovered that the space that we measured 2 or 3 times was not the same front and back. So while the fridge would fit in the front part of the hole, it wouldn't fit in the back part. This meant we had to pull out the cupboard next to the space and trim some off of it. I wasn't as hard as we thought and it only took a few hours to make the space the same front and back. We were all ready for it to turn up on Monday!! Excitement was in the air!! Sadly when it arrived it had a great big scratch on the front door. So it was sent back and a number of phone calls were made to get a new one delivered. It finally arrived today- in perfect condition.

Hayley continues to go to Kindy on a Monday and Tuesday. She has a great time and is coming home excited about her day. James is not so excited as he misses her dreadfully. Mummy doesn't seem to play "right"!! I am enjoying spending time with James and learning how his mind works. Never having a brother, I have not spent much time in the company of young boys. He is a constant joy to me and I am amazed how different he is from his sister. Boys really are a different species!

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