Monday, 28 September 2009

Happy Holidays

It is the school holidays here in Queensland and just before it started I decided to make some little gifts for my friends at school. In Australia, we don’t really use the expression Happy Holidays at Christmas time so I thought that I would use this stamp to wish everyone a happy holiday.

I used Kraft cardstock and lots of different colours for the little birdie from Cheep Talk stamp set (these ones are Old Olive and Riding Hood Red). Then I just put some lollies in a bag and stapled the bag topper on.

It did give everyone a lift to start their holidays!




Nerine .P. said...

Great use of the Happy Holiday's stamp set Chrissie...your right about us not using the term much over here so it's good to be able to use another stamp I wouldn't normally...thanks for the idea!

Susan said...

Very cute idea, Chrissie, and that's a great idea about wishing people happy holidays. You are a clever lady!