Friday, 16 March 2007

Went to the Paper Craft Festival today. It was pretty good and there was lots of great stuff there. Was a bit hard to see all that I wanted to because I had the 2 kids with me. I must say though, they were really well behaved while we were there. I know it must have been very boring for them just sitting in the pram not being able to touch anything. I bought lots of stamps this time. Have already made a very simple card using one of the stamps. I have also ordered a set of stamps that make patterns that look like bought paper. They use two stamps on top of each other to give a 3D effect. Can't wait for them to arrrive in mail next week.

Have finally finished Hayley's other quilt for her bunk beds. I am very pleased with how it turned out and Hayley thinks it is very pretty. I am not sure I want to make another shaggy quilt for quite a while yet. But am pleased that the kids both have two quilts for their bunk beds.

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