Tuesday, 23 January 2007

A Late Night

Sleeeeep..... Sleeeep....

Sat up until 1.30 making cards for my DH's Godson, my best friend Jodie and my SIL birthdays. It wouldn't normally take all night to do this but I got a little distracted.

This is my SIL's card. The photo doesn't do it justice. I am still getting the hang of photgraphing my work.

This is the card for Jodie.

There is glitter in the middle of each flower and on the happy birthday sign.

This is the card for my DH Godson. Boys are so hard to make
cards for and 7 year boys seem even harder. Not really happy with the card but seing as it was his birthday yeasterday, I don't have time to do it again.
My New Year's resolution was to make all my friends a birthday card and send it on time! Not a very good start but I am ahead on the two birthdays at the end of the week.

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